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Storytelling is an ancient craft and humans are wired for story. Yet when it comes to telling the story of our work, we often fall short. My mission, through 'Story Rules', is to help you tell a better story of your work. I do that by tapping into the fascinating and wondrous world of Storytelling techniques. The Story Rules Podcast is a further step in that direction. In episodes of the podcast, we will have long, deep and meaningful conversations with some of the best storytellers in the world. We will explore their life story, discuss their storytelling philosophy and unearth the secrets of their craft. Listeners will get to learn, grow their own inner storytellers and finally, achieve better outcomes at work - by leveraging the power of story.
E19: Toshan Tamhane - Lessons from Mckinsey, Meetings and Marathons!December 01, 2022 Episode artwork E18: Paul Smith - Bestselling author of books on storytellingSeptember 30, 2022 Episode artwork E17: Sajith Pai - Foremost thought-leader of India's Startup EcosystemJune 17, 2022 Episode artwork E16: Santosh Desai: Pre-eminent chronicler of India's cultureMay 19, 2022 Episode artwork E15: Crafting Data Narratives with Pramit BhattacharyaMarch 25, 2022 Episode artwork E14: A curiosity masterclass with J Ramanand March 04, 2022 Episode artwork E13: Devaiah Bopanna, Writer of funny stories that go viralFebruary 11, 2022 Episode artwork E12: Mahima Vashisht - Pre-eminent storyteller covering gender issuesDecember 03, 2021 Episode artwork E11: Brent Dykes - Author of seminal book on Data StorytellingNovember 12, 2021 Episode artwork E10: Max Dickins - Using Improv principles for better storytellingOctober 15, 2021 Episode artwork E09: Swaminathan Anklesaria Aiyar - Chronicler of the India economic storySeptember 23, 2021 Episode artwork E08: Aravind SA - Standup comedian and Storyteller extraordinaireSeptember 10, 2021 Episode artwork E07: Praveen Gopal Krishnan: The Writer of India's largest paid newsletterAugust 12, 2021 Episode artwork E06: Prakash Iyer: Bestselling author and Leadership CoachJuly 16, 2021 Episode artwork E05: Sowmya Rajendran: A Literary Torchbearer for India's Gender MovementJune 18, 2021 Episode artwork E04: Mihir Dalal: The Writer of India's Best Business Book of 2020May 22, 2021 Episode artwork E03: Swanand Kelkar: Writing investment theses for a $3B+ portfolioMay 06, 2021 Episode artwork E02: Shrehith Karkera - The Storyteller who Simplifies Financial news for 400K readersApril 16, 2021 Episode artwork E01: Mohit Bansal - The Guy who Creates Multi-Million $ DecksMarch 31, 2021 Episode artwork The 'Story Rules Podcast': Learning from the best storytellers in the worldMarch 30, 2021 Episode artwork